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Westcoast is a company working with the trade of
raw materials for process industries all around the world.
We are dealing with producers from every corner of the globe,
sourcing and supplying in full trucks, road- and railway tankers,
containers and shiploads but also smaller lots and airfreight packages.

Westcoast is located in Viken in south Sweden.
We hold a 40 year experience in trade of the different product
groups and are proud to offer any customer the service in all
kinds of different logistical solutions, customs procedures,
including storage, local distribution and document handling.

Westcoast puts a lot of priority in securing the volumes,
monitoring the quality, inspecting the packaging, supervising
the transport and collecting the documents. All for making the
smoothest delivery possible at the doorstep of our customers
.....just in time!

Westcoast takes a great deal of interest following the
product development, always reviewing the supplier situation.
We participate in technical seminars, constantly improving our
knowledge in all aspects, including the environmental issues.

Westcoast works closely with customers and producers
bringing the demand from the market to the R&D departments,
keeping the dialogue and with a keen interest suggesting
improvements and solutions. We like to challenge our
competitors and show the market that a small company with
an effective business concept can make a difference.

We believe that with a good technical ability, commercial skills
and an honest interest in suppliers and customers’ needs,
we have the tools to create long-lasting alliances.
Together, in partnership, we can bring multiple choice and
added value to your raw material supply.

Westcoast – We make the difference

Westcoast Trade Nordic AB
Box 97
SE-263 03 Viken

Tel: +46 (0)42 23 70 00
@: info@westcoast-trade.com


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